Welcome to Arnsberg

Mayor Hans-Josef Vogel
Dear Sir / Madam,

Welcome to the town of Arnsberg.

You have made a good choice in opting to move here. Along with everyone in our community, it is very important for me to know that you feel at home here and have the opportunity to use and develop your own potential here in Arnsberg.

Ours is a dynamic town with a promising future to look forward to. It has lots of services and activities, as well as facilities and opportunities to offer, making it an enjoyable place to live in and a town that you will grow to love.

We have created a website for you ( with sections on "Arriving here, Finding your feet, Settling in and Getting involved". The wealth of information available will enable you to familiarise yourself with the town quickly.  This website will help you to find out about (and make the most of) everything that Arnsberg has to offer, from nurseries to the adult education centre, from sports clubs to the NASS leisure centre, from the "Kulturschmiede" cultural centre to the "Bürgerbahnhof" art gallery.

If you require any further information, the contact person named in this flyer will be only too happy to help. Simply give her a call.

I would like to wish you every success and happiness. I hope you enjoy a bright future and flourish in the town of Arnsberg.

The Mayor
Hans-Josef Vogel