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Arnsberg, historic capital of the dukedom of Westfalia, is the modern cultural center of the Sauerland region.

, a historic center of cultural life
with a medieval castle built on the rocks above the river Ruhr, a 13th century monastery, the town of half-timbered houses with it`s bell-tower and the small “Berlin-district” with it`s Prussian style buildings.

, a modern town
with celebrations and festivals in the castle, the modern city-archives and library in the monastery and the Kunstsommer – the summer festival of arts and crafts between Tudor style and Classicism.

Arnsberg – where culture and nature meet
The river Ruhr and the Arnsberg Forest at the edge of the Sauerland – water, forest and hills create the natural environment of the town.
During Arnsberg`s International KUNSTSOMMER the town becomes a center of cultural life: The river Ruhr transforms into an art gallery and the Arnsberg Forest into a playgrund for the fine arts.
Projects by schools, citizens and students turn
Arnsberg into an Experiment in Creativity.

Summer courses – summer studios
Create your own art – learn from the Best
Leading artists and teachers from all over the country contribute to the Kunstsommer with great enthusiasm.  Cooperations with some of the best Art Schools and Conservatories guarantee the high standards of the Kunstsommer.

As a course participant you don't need to master the skills.  Just be willing to open your mind to the world of imagination and phantasy. In our summer studios you will meet great artists as well as art loving people of  any age.

Over fifty top-notch summer courses!  Join one or more of them and learn Drawing from Nature, Experimental Painting, Sculpture, Glass-Design, Photography of Landscape or Portraits.  Participate in masterclasses for Violin, Cello, Piano, Jazz or Singing, Dancing, Ballet, Mime, Theatre, Literary Writing.

And don`t forget your children:  The Circus, the Children`s Theatergroup as well as courses in Painting and Arts and Crafts are fun for kids and parents alike.

Enjoy Art – the Festival of  Arts
As a visitor, treat yourself to an exciting week of Performing and Visual Arts at the International Kunstsommer. Right from the start of the summer the entire town transforms into an Art Exhibition:
Art in public buildings and shops, in streets and squares.  Even the river
Ruhr becomes an attractive Sculpture Garden with art work by famous sculptors.

During the last ten days of the summer vacation, the Festival offers exhibitions, recitals, concerts, dance performances, stage productions and many other performances.

And all this not only indoors, but also Open Air.
Open Air – a town enchanted by culture

Well known bands, entertainment, cool beer and hot movies on Europe`s biggest transportable screen transform the classicistic Neumarkt into a summer meeting place for people of all ages.
The art- and crafts-market, featuring professional artists and craftsmen from all over the region turn the medieval old town market place into a center of attraction.
The festival of Street Artists, Concerts, Literature-Readings and Guided Tours create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

And all this is free! -
The result: The Arts Alive and Well
Literature-Readings, Theater Performances, Concerts and Art Exhibits created  and prepared in the summer courses represent the Grand Finale of the Kunstsommer.
The Gala Performance of the Children`s Circus, the Participant`s Recitals and Theater Productions, the Nocturnal Serenade in the courtyard of the museum, the Kunstsommer farewell celebration with jazz, cake and coffee and the traditional Final Concert of the advanced pianists are highlights of the Kunstsommer.  All these events confirm our conviction that a creative spark can be lit in every human being.

Ask for further information about the International Kunstsommer Arnsberg,  a listing of all workshops and summer classes,  as well as the current program of the Festival at:

Stadt Arnsberg
Alter Markt 19
59821 Arnsberg
Telefon: 02931 893-1120, Fax: 02931 893-1115