In September Hüsten is upside down


In September Hüsten is getting ready for the 1,000 years old Hüsten fair. Riggenweide and the Ruhr meadows change into a glittery, shiny dream world, which keeps children as well as adults, spellbound. With over

70,000 m2 the fair ground offers everything for the change everybody is looking for: A sociable day with friends, excitement at the raffle stands, the butterflies in the stomach on the rides, or music and dance in the marquee.

The colourful fringe events impress with several attractions: Next to the musical highlights in the marquee and the known "Sunday Jazz Morning Pint", the large "Animal Show" around the "St. Petrikirche" delights the visitors. Further attractions: the general market with the over 150 stalls and the brilliant fireworks above the fairground which is the finale of the Hüsten fair every year.

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