In Arnsberg festivities are always welcome

Mädels feiern Karneval

In Arnsberg festivities are always welcome - and every season is celebrated in its own special way. In spring the whole town is marked by the carnival in Sauerland, which can take on the Rhineland carnival easily. The highlight is the big carnival's parade in "old" Arnsberg.

Osterbrunnen in Alt-Arnsberg
Easter fountain in “old” Arnsberg

Easter-Monday the historical Old Town attracts thousands of visitors from near and far with the decorated Maximilian-Fountain. To top it all off: the "Easter Fire" and the fireworks.

After the "Arnsberger Woche" (Arnsberg's week) and the "Ruinenfest" (celebration in and around the ruin) at the end of May the season of the "shooting association tournament and celebrations" starts in town. "When you hear the drums" shooting association tournaments are being celebrated in all the boroughs of Arnsberg throughout the summer. From Vosswinkel to Oeventrop nearly every weekend. A special highlight is the yearly swapping shooting- or hunter's club celebration with a fun fair in Neheim's town centre.

Shooting tournament

In autumn it keeps cheerfully going. Whether "Arnsberg, Culinary" at the "Neumarkt" or the Hüsten fair at the "Riggenweide", the horse riding competitions in Vosswinkel and Herdringen, the "Fresekenfest" in Neheim or the "Hubertusfest" in the "Wildwald Vosswinkel" - Arnsberg is, especially in autumn, an attraction for guests from near and far.

Weihnachtsmarkt in Alt-Arnsberg
Weihnachtsmarkt in Alt-Arnsberg

The Christmas market in Arnsberg, which takes place in front of the picturesque background of the classicistic "Neumarkt" during Advent every year, is the final of the calendar of festivities.

Next to these bigger celebrations a row of smaller, real traditional Sauerland events occur throughout the year. Remember: A reason for a celebration is always being found easily in Sauerland!

Paul Hansknecht
Paul Hansknecht from Alt-Arnsberg

"For over 20 years I have been organizing the yearly "Poskefuier" as you call it in Sauerland... When dawn comes the procession starts. 350 people with torches then walk up the cross hill past the Stations of the Cross. On top of the hill the Easter fire gets lit and finally gorgeous fireworks take place. The sight is unique."