Oelinghausen Convent

The third premonstratensian convent in the area of Arnsberg - next to the monastery Wedinghausen and convent Rumbeck -is said to be one of the most significant art-historical and sacred-musical jewels in Sauerland. The baroque altar and the organ with the picturesque nun's gallery are known nationwide, as well as many other treasures of art, which are put up in the convent like the retable by Gerhard Gröninger in the south chapel.

The in gothic style with Romanic crypt built and later on changed into a baroque Minster of the aristocratic premonstratensians holds many valuable works of art of these eras. The late Gothic refulgent Madonna in the cross chapel for example was carved out of basswood in Westphalia around 1480.

The convent is open for persons who are looking for orientation out of the middle of the set of beliefs. As a place of praying and worship for more than eight hundred years and as a place of silence in the hectic of our days the convent, church and crypt with its Madonna of mercy offer security. Here you find the opportunity to discover and keep the essentials of life.

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