Parish church St. Petri

This church has a tower of the 12th century. Hüsten is already being mentioned in a document of the year 802 and later on occurs to be one of the twelve master parishes of Sauerland. In 1941 it formed, together with Neheim, the "double-town" Neheim-Hüsten, until the new town of Arnsberg was founded (1975). The 1,100 years aged Hüsten fair still acts as a reminder to this importance as a church place - a major event, which attracts thousands of visitors in September, every year.

town map


Haus Hüsten

This house on the north side of the church square served many noble dynasties as a manor. Its building fabric can be traced back to the 16th century. Now the exhibition of the "Schützenbruderschaft unter dem Schutz des hl. Geistes von 1345" (confraternity of shooters under the protection of the Holy Ghost of 1345) is placed here.

town map