Summary town portrayal

Gruppe Jugendlicher

of the old capital of the duchy of Westphalia and the modern location of economy and schools

Arnsberg - That is life in South-Westphalia, in all its facets and special features. That is the history of 14 towns and rural communities full of traditions, which were united to the town of Arnsberg in 1975.


Alt-Arnsberg: Domicile of the counts of Arnsberg (until 1371), then residence and governmental capital of Cologne's electorate duchy of Westphalia, from 1803 government of Hesse-Darmstadt, from 1816 seat of the Prussian government and today seat of the district president of the biggest Northrhein-Westphalian administrative district.


Neheim-Hüsten: Town of lightings, industry and commerce. Herdringen, Voßwinkel, Oeventrop und nine other boroughs: rural idyll at the outskirts of the town.


Arnsberg - that are its citizens. With corners and edges, but of unmistakably warm hospitality. People with ideas, heart and humour - just characters of Arnsberg.

Pure nature The "Arnsberg forest", one of the biggest connected forest areas in Germany, and the Ruhr, which joins all of it, form the picture of a town that is looking for its equal. Arnsberg has got many faces. Every one of them will inspire you.