Come in – and experience the forest.


Imbedded in the "Nature Park Arnsberg", between the lakes Moehne and Sorpe, in Arnsberg nature is very close with every step you take. Come in - and experience the forest.

"Whispering lodge"
in Alt-Arnsberg (Ehmsen Denkmal)

Whether dark and mysterious or sunlit and idyllic, whether as a sport challenge or a getaway from the everyday stress - the Arnsberg forest is as varied as the town it surrounds.

Sauerland is woodland. The forest, as food-, energy recourse and enabling the people to earn their living, has always had a special meaning to the people in Sauerland. That's where the extraordinary love to the forest comes from, that is always present in Arnsberg and around its citizens.

Hirsche im Wildwald Vosswinkel
Deers in Wildwald Vosswinkel

In 1890 the forest councillor Ehmsen founds the "Sauerländer Gebirgsverein", which, with its 50,000 members, today is one of the biggest leisure and natural environment associations in North Rhine Westphalia. More than 21,000 km of walking paths have been marked by the SGV throughout Sauerland; 400 km of these just in the area of Arnsberg. Since 1996 the SGV has its headquarters in Arnsberg again.

Waldexkursion im Wildwald Vosswinkel
Forest excursion
in Wildwald Vosswinkel

Arnsberg forest: The name is programme. Whether the forest gene bank or the forest youth hostel in Obereimer, the school for lumberjacks in Neheim or the Wildwald in Vosswinkel: Many facilities work on the maintenance of nature and habitat. Many work for, with and in the forest, in order to maintain and protect wildlife and flora and to give the people more understanding of nature.


Eva Melletat, forest teacher in Wildwald Voßwinkel:

"I say it with Berthold Brecht: Do you know what forest is? Is a forest only a fathom of wood? Or is it people's green pleasure? "