Klaus Fröhlich

Stadt Arnsberg
Goethestraße 16 - 18
Raum A 1.002
Goethestraße 16 - 18
59755 Arnsberg
02932 / 201-1689

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"Baukultur-App" now available in English

The "Baukultur-APP" is an interactive experience on architectural tradition with a special focus on the history of the city of Arnsberg and the region around it. The objective is to share knowledge and explain the special architectural and cultural features in the context of the origins and the development of city and region alike. It is designed to enable you to truly see, understand and be aware of these features rather than just pass by.

The App also aims at strengthening the cohesion of the „LEADER-sein! Region" (Website in German) and helping residents to develop stronger ties to the city and region they live in. Find more informations about the EU development method LEADER in English

It can also be used for children and adolescents as a place of teaching and learning outside the classroom. Furthermore, it helps to make the region more attractive as a tourist destination.

The county of Arnsberg

Beginning with the history the ‘County of Arnsberg’, the Baukultur-APP embarks on a journey that includes 19 tour points which explain the particularities as well as the connections between the various towns and cities in this region.

Join us on a discovery tour using your smartphone, tablet or by simply following it on internet.

Download APP:
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Link to the trailer for the APP (only in German):
Trailer to the Building Culture App

Link to the explanatory film (only in German):
Explanatory film on Building Culture-APP

This film with its aerial views gives you a taste of the places described in the APP
Film with aerial photos of the described places.


This project is sponsored by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. In this case Europe invests in rural areas with the participation of North Rhine-Westphalia.